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Get to know AirBridgeCargo and the air cargo industry even better: in this section we share interesting articles that publications have written about AirBridgeCargo Airlines.

Freighters World magazine, December 2017 issue | "Asia air cargo
in high gear" by Donald Urquhart


An overview of 2017 peak season out of Asia 


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International Transport Journal, October issue | "In the right place at the right time"

by Andreas Haug


Interview of ABC's General Director, Sergey Lazarev, about the company's performance, development and future outlook.


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AirCargoNews, October issue (30.10.2017) | "On course for global ambitions"


Interview of Sergey Lazarev, General Director for AirBridgeCargo Airlines, about overall company development.


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Air Cargo Update & Air Cargo Week, October 2017 issues | "The delicate business of transporting live animals" & "Manatees among the animal shipments at AirBridgeCargo"


AirBridgeCargo is sharing its expertise and experience in the field of live animals' transportation.


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                                                        Air Cargo Week




Cargo Airports and Airline Services, Autumn 2017 issue | "Riding the pharma wave" by Donald Urquhart.


As carriers further their efforts to tap pharma sector, the landscape continues to evolve as a result of market developments, customer demands and regulatory changes.


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Air Cargo Week, March 2017 issue | "ABC targets pharma traffic growth while charters up"


ABC is building infrastructure as it aims to become a major player in pharmaceutical



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Flying Typers, January 2017 issue | "Onwards into 2017"


On the New Year's Eve ABC gives outlook of its 2016 performance results and look onwards into 2017.


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Payload Asia, December-January 2017 issue | "Peak season: expectations versus reality"


ABC is sharing its view regarding steps and strategy to be taken during peak seasons.


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Boss Magazine, November 2016 issue | "Power Lifters: Rising Above the Rest"
by A.F. Hutchinson


Article about AirBridgeCargo's development and growth in the United States, and what makes the cargo airline unique in the air cargo industry. 


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