AirBridgeCargo Airlines guarantees safe delivery of reindeer for Wuppertal Zoo in Germany

AirBridgeCargo, one of the leading all-cargo carriers in the transportation of live animals, has successfully delivered four reindeer from Moscow (Russia) to Frankfurt (Germany).

The transportation has been accomplished in partnership with Astra Brokers for Moscow Zoo, one of the oldest zoos in Europe. Under the regular animals’ exchange programme the reindeer were safely delivered to Wuppertal Zoo in Germany. Four two-year-old animals, weighing around 150 kilograms each, were comfortably located in separate dedicated cages to guarantee their well-being during the flight.


Peter Novozhenov, Regional Director, Russia and CIS, highlights: ‘We have transported deer previously, which has its special aspects the carrier needs to be aware of. The whole journey, which has been organized under IATA LAR and customer’s requirements, went smoothly and the animals feel safe and comfortable right now. I would like to thank our local team for their great contribution and teamwork. In 2020 we favoured a significant increase in animals’ transportation meeting the growing demand from the customers and we will keep on sharpening our expertise in this sector to guarantee high-quality service.’

Amid the pandemic, more customers called on air cargo when it came to animals’ transportation to keep the agricultural programme going, to support zoo exchange programmes and equine sports events. AirBridgeCargo has been developing its dedicated services for animals’ transportation worldwide training its personnel, aligning its internal procedures and cooperating with trustworthy and reliable partners.


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