Safety, reliability, quality. These aren’t just buzzwords to us. From aviation aircraft engines to drilling offshore equipment, satellite systems and beyond – we understand that certain cargo shipments require special attention and handling. At AirBridgeCargo, we have more than 29 years of Volga-Dnepr group experience in transporting heavy and oversize cargo. No matter how complex the shipment, ABC offers customized logistics solutions tailored to the needs of each customer. Always. Worldwide.

We are market leaders when it comes to XL cargo

  • Loadability checks, technical assessments of cargoes for transportation, including weight distribution, packaging and more
  • Factory visits
  • Highly customizable logistics solutions (from design and manufacture of frames to packaging and delivery)
  • Nose cargo door loading capabilities for extra-long pieces
  • Certified, highly skilled staff across the entire network
  • Door-to-door solutions for XL cargo (with trusted trucking companies)

Logistics solutions that give extra peace of mind

  • Load planning with the usage of 3D simulation software
  • Special Operating Procedures for the transportation of aircraft engines
  • Full compliance with Boeing&OEM guidelines and internal safety policies
  • Customer service support, online track&trace option for all shipments


We offer specialized XL solutions for various industries

Our abc XL product was developed to safely, effectively and timely transport cargo that according to its dimensions&weight cannot be loaded onto an aircraft on a standard pallet position. In these cases, additional attention is required to ensure the shipment arrives at its destination in perfect condition. 

Our team is made up of expert loadplanners&loadmasters with decades of experience in creating tailor-made shipping solutions for heavy and oversize shipments. We combine proven methods with the latest ideas for efficient, reliable deliveries – in close cooperation with our customers.

Oil & Gas industry specialized solutions

  • Carriage of extra-long pipes, diesel generators, compressors, pumps, and other large and heavy offshore equipment
  • Dedicated charter/part-charter services or re-routing in case of rig down situations
  • Fast oil rig emergency response support 


Aerospace industry specialized solutions

  • Commercial aviation aircraft engines&components, empty stands delivery within network in compliance with OEM handling guidelines
  • Vast experience in the transportation of satellite systems and other space equipment
  • Transportation of small aircraft, fuselages, stabilizers, ailerons, etc.
  • Express delivery of AOG spare parts


You like innovative solutions that deliver

Our Boeing 747-8F fleet with nose door cargo loading capabilities can transport cargoes with a length of up to 44 meters, or with a width of up to 3.8 meters. We can also transport shipments with a height of up to 3.15 meters or a unit weight of up to 62,000 kg. Anything beyond, we ship with Volga Dnepr’s Il-76TD-90VD and An-124-100.


Thanks to our modern fleet, we can offer the following benefits

  • Nose cargo door for quick and efficient loading/offloading of long and/or wide shipments 
  • Access to main deck cargo capacity across our entire network
  • The most modern widebody aircraft in the air cargo industry
  • GoGreen strategy – low levels of CO2 emissions



Take a look at our all-Boeing fleet 



You like knowing you're in good hands.

The hub at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport features brand new equipment in each warehouse, allowing for a seamless handling of cargo shipments. Our unique hub network model and flight connectivity in Moscow lets our customers access connections within a 48-hour delivery time – including handling. 

Our Moscow facilities offer the following benefits

  • 20,000m2 of total warehouse space and 3 GHA warehouses
  • Enhanced security measures with 24/7 surveillance
  • Customs cleared cargo ready for pick-up within 4 hours
  • First automated cargo handling system in Russia with 3D cargo handling on several levels
  • 99,98% safety index
  • TAPA certified

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General information on how we deliver oversize and heavy cargo

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